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Arrived in Yeppoon

Yesterday, we arrived in Yeppoon, where Anthony White took us to the horse races which was a lot of fun (not so much financially though... ;-). We're currently staying with Anthony and Leanne in Yeppoon.

A couple of days ago, we finally got our Wicked camper van. The van we were supposed to get was involved in an accident on that very day, and what seemed to be bad luck at first turned out to be good luck: The guys at Wicked Campers gave us a 4WD bush camper van for the same price, and that car is so much better than the one we were supposed to get. 4WD means we can drive the car on dirt roads, a feature we will certainly make use of.

On the way up to Yeppoon, we saw our first kangaroo.Unfortunaltely, it was dead. Since then we've seen a lot of them, and most of them were alive. Apparently, swerving for kangaroos is a bad idea. Our camper has stickers all over saying "don't fucking swerve for kangaroos or you will roll BAD!!!" or "If you swerve for kangaroos you're a DICKHEAD you will roll four times... Who will survive this drive... the emu... the roo... or you... Program your mind to survive this drive." Oh well.

Today we've seen the first Tarantula, in Anthony's house. It was kind of cute, but he killed it anyways.

The weather has been a bit ugly recently, some showers and mostly cloudy, but at 26 degrees it's not so bad. We're now at the southern border of the Great Barrier Reef, and we can't wait to go out there.

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I remember a friend of mine, who really swerved for a roo at 120 km/h - he woke up 25 m away from his car (that was 2 days old AND had special kangaroo-killing bumpers AND he didnt put on the seat belts), the car ready for the trash and he having a bruised backbone. Unluckily he died a few years after that of a much more idiot accident...
So daddy tobis advice: if you can eat kangaroos - just run them over carefully, with some skilled driving you might be able not to squash them too much so that you can eat them for dinner ;-)
Have fun


toll von euch zu hören!! hört auf die car-stickers..das ganze metall vor australischen autos ist nicht nur dekoration...:-)

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