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BYO is a strange yet interesting concept. BYO is short for "bring your own" and it refers to the fact that many restaurants in Australia don't have a licence to sell alcohol, so you can bring your own. I will have to get used to the idea to buy my beer in a store and then bring it to the restaurant, but why not?

We will stay in Brisbane until the 9th of May, and then we will head north with a wicked camper. It's hot here (29 degrees celcius forcasted for tomorrow), but we're not complaining. Just saying.


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Hey Säubschtversorger!

Schön, het nech z'Land ouso inne glah! Ja - zwar nid grad dr Compibenützigsgrad vo Dir, Sala, aber - itz wächslet schiinbar doch mängs..
...was o nume fair isch, Dir gloubet nid, wiviu hie plötzlech nümm isch (zum Glück aber o äs paar Sache langsam wider dezuechöme)

Ouso, drum lüt i quasi a: Was genau söu äbe nöi sy am BYO? S'het doch bi üüs bishär o immer genauso funktioniert, u grad schlächt is Beiz zum 44ste-Seminar ja no nie gsy!

Offebar gits da scho lang än Art Achse, quer düre Erdchärn. Kes Wunder, het's nech zerscht emau nach Ouschtralie zoge :-)

Witermache! (mir hingäge blibe de no chli)

Above a nice sample of an old aboriginal language; associated to, as some believe, a maybe not older, but still much bullheaded tribe than Aborigines
[p.576ff §4,Lunatic World of Men, Seamus&Seamus, 2007]

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