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More fun in Yeppoon

We're enjoying ourselves here in Yeppoon and think we will stay another week. Anthony and Leanne are great hosts, we feel perfectly at home.

Three days ago I did my first surfing ever, and it was a lot of fun. The day after we went fishing on a boat, but apart from a small shark, nothing would bite. Yesterday we've stayed with another of Anthony's friends who has a great selection of very nice wines, and we spent the night drinking excellent wine and a 1979 Port from Australia (which was outstanding). Now we've just come back from another sunny day at the beach, eating tiger prawns and waiting for the sun to go down because that is when we will head for a BBQ at another of Anthony's friends. Life is good here ;-)


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olin Silander:

and you don't have any pictures of Sala surfing? Did you stand up? Spend a lot of time in the whitewash? Hope you tried on a long board. When's Rahel's surf lesson? Hope you guys have fun on the Great Barrier Reef. Miss you here,


Definitely a long board. I found standing up not that difficult - it was rather catching the wave that seemed difficult, or trying not to nosedive... Rahel seems not too excited about surfing, she prefers to stay on the beach and get a good tan first (probably more reasonable :-) We'll organise some surf pictures soon!


Hola trotamundos!
Ich will auch surfen :-0 ..und zwar endlich ohne Computer...
Euer Leben scheint offensichtlich obertoll zu sein, und das ist perfekt so. Lasst Euch ja nicht davon abbringen!
Ich habe gestern ein SMS bekommen, aber der R├╝ckkanal scheint irgendwie nicht zu funktionieren. Schreibt mir doch bitte eine eMail-Adresse, es gibt immer Bedarf. Das alte ETH-Postfach wird ja wohl nichts mehr taugen.
Hasta la proxima!


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