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Hi from Alice Springs

Just a quick note that we are now at the heart of Australia, Alice Springs. Tomorrow we are heading to the Uluru.

The trip to here was both exciting and boring. Boring because it's hours and hours and hours and hours of driving with basically the same view (draw a horizontal line, paint the upper half blue, the lower half orange / yellow and you got it). Exciting, on the other hand, because it makes you realize how far you are from everything else. And admittedly, the landscape is georgeous.

From Alice Springs, it's about 1600 km south to Adelaide and 1600km north to Darwin. We drove distances as far as between Zurich and Berlin, with nothing in between but a small village that serves the cattle stations in the outback regions. There is not much either to the left or right for about 2000 km. It's quite a remote place. Another interesting fact: the state that we are currently in, the Northern Territory, is about the size of Germany, France and Italy together. However, less than 200,000 people live in this state, and about half of it in Darwin, the city on the northern top. Thus, it is not only a big state, but virtually all of it is also quite lonely.

We will update the blog with some pictures from Australia's beautiful red centre when we are in Darwin where we might have a good internet connection.

Oh, and if you think the summer hasn't quite started back home, you might take some comfort from the fact that we have about 12 degrees celsius here, falling to 4 degrees at night (and even less at the Uluru)...

So long


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salut rahel!!!
c'est trop cool de te suivre à travers l'australie... ça donne envie de bouger! euh moins facile avec deux petits garçons à la maison... tu me fais un peu rêver et m'échapper de chez moi!!!
profite bien!! j'adore votre camion.
je t'envoie plein de bizzzzzzzzzz d'aix en provence.
je suis contente d'apprendre que tu as fini (ENFIN) ta thèse et que tu as trouvé du boulot en californie! vraiment super!
david a une cousine à san francisco, on rêve d'y retourner (sans les loulous!!!). peut être qu'on te croisera par là bas!!!!!

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