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Fasting in Thailand

After leaving Krabi, we went straight to Ko Samui, a fairly large island on the east side of Thailand. This area is known as the Gulf of Thailand, and it is considered to be monsoon-safe (at least more than the west coast at the Indian Ocean).

Ko Samui is actually a very touristic place. It has been massively overdeveloped since the first tourists arrived here in the 70ies, and some parts of it are hard to tell apart from what you would expect in Phuket or Bangkok (i.e. western food restaurants, girlie bars, english pubs etc.). The reason we came here, however, was a SPA resort at the beach that offered detox fasting in a beautiful setting at reasonable prices. Since neither Rahel nor I have fasted before, we thought to give it a try. If we had to the horror of not eating for days, at least we could do it at a nice place right at the beach!


There's not much to tell about the fast, other than it went 3.5 days (which is the fastest you can do, some people do 7 days or more), and that it is not intended to lose weight, but to detoxify the body. While most people just believe anything that some nutrition "expert" tells them, we were, and still are, more skeptical - but the absence of alcohol, coffee and cigarettes can't be too bad for our body, and that food restriction has a positive effect on longevity is no secret either, even by scientific standards. Each day started with some early morning meditation, then some detox drinks, liver flush drinks, broth soup and so on (i.e. liquids only).


What's quite mean is that you take all your drinks in a restaurant that serves the most delicious food at the same time to the guests who are not fasting. What a torture! What's worse, the restaurant is supposed to be one of the best restaurants around, according to a UK food guide (and also according to our nose). The price of a healthy lifestyle...

After the fast, we stayed two more days to relax and revive and then slowly travelled to Bangkok by boat and train. We are now in Bangkok where we will stay until Sunday. Another long train ride will then bring us to the northern city of Chiang Mai, where we plan to take a Thai cooking course.

Since we didn't take any picture of us during the fast (why would we?), here's a picture of Rahel in her natural habitat (taken near the Perhentian Islands back in Malaysia):


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