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Back in Switzerland. It's raining, and it's getting cold. Glad we spent summer 2007 in the tropics.

At the airport in Delhi, I lost my wallet, and someone found it and brought it back to me. In Thailand, we met a guy from San Francisco who forgot his bag with the wallet, iPod and other valuables, in a tuk tuk (a loud, stinky motorbike with three wheels that serves as a taxi) - the next morning, he went back to the club and to his surprise, the tuk tuk driver had brought back the bag, nothing was missing.

I thought these were two typical stories: you go abroad and think that everyone's out to get you (because that's what supposedly happened to a friend of a friend...). However, most often, nothing happens, not only because you are very careful, but because most people are simply honest and friendly. Just today, I forgot to pick my money at an ATM in Zurich (in Asia, the money comes first and then the ass="comments-header">Comments (3)


Ja manchmal erschreckt man sich fast so nett sind die Menschen. Vor kurzem kam aus dem Tram ein 13jähriger geschossen und rief: "Ej, Mann Sie! Häsch Schirm verrgässe!" Das fand ich superlieb!

Wisst ihr schon, wann ihr wieder fliegt?

Gruss von hinter den sieben Bergen aus Büchern, Notizen und Papers(Lizprüfungen sind plöt!!!)

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