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Revival of the log book

There is clearly dust on this blog... And a clear need to fundamentally change things here. Instead of long entries with many pics, I think it would be better to have short entries but more frequent. That said, here we go (btw, ignore the date of this blog entry, it's August the 12th)

- Just had Anthony White from Australia for a visit.
- Rahel's back home (=San Jose) from a visit to Z├╝rich
- The Californian summer treats us well. It can be cool at night, but it's always sunny and hot during the days, every single day since we got here (i.e 3.5 months).
- We bought an nespresso machine despite the environmental concerns with the capsules. As a counter measure, we will try to breathe more slowly in order to reduce our CO2 emission. Should also have beneficial meditative side effects.


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