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Our new home

Home is where the heart is, or so the saying goes. It always takes time to feel home at a new place, but we are slowly feeling at home here in San Jose. Part of that feeling is that our flat starts to feel like a real home, with more furniture, more books, more things that make us feel home. Here's a selection of some pics I took from our new home (pics from the inside soon). It's a small but bright, natural and well located apartment in a four apartment house. In the meanwhile, we got so used to the occasional noise from an airplane that we hardly hear it anymore. We're really happy with the current situation and are looking forward to a warm summer (although it's hardly ever cold in this area).

The front (ours is the bottom left):

The side:

The back with the garden:

The patio in the back:

The entrance and the kitchen:

And just in case you live behind the moon:

Other than that, there's not much news. Two days ago, I was invited to Google by someone who bought a painting almost two years ago, and he is trying to schedule me to give a talk at Google. Of course, it would be quite an exciting opportunity to talk about the paintings projects in front of such an audience, so I hope this is going to happen.

I'm flying to Switzerland tomorrow and I'm looking forward to meet friends and family, and to feel some of the excitment about the Euro 2008. However, it is mostly a "business trip", because the reason why I'm going back is an interview with the scientific board of Society in Science, a program that offers fellowships to scientists as an opportunity of up to five years freedom in research with the aim to find novel ways of exploring the societal relevance of their scientific work. Fingers crossed.


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