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When 100 * 10000 = 100 million

Some artsy news: Anthony & I put another bond up for sale over at Salathé & White - it was sold within a few minutes. Some people have asked what the project is about, and I would like to explain it with an example.

On reddit, I found an article yesterday, published online in the Daily Mail, a British tabloid, and here's what it said:


Well, if 10,000 * 100 = 100 million, then it is no wonder that the art market has exploded in recent years. In the meanwhile, the Daily Mail quietly rewrote the article:


Is interesting to see that instead of changing the previous factor of 100 to the correct factor of 10,000, they completely omitted it. One possibility is that they just couldn't figure out the correct answer of 100 million divided by 10,000. Another possibility is that the factor is not newsworthy at all, but it's rather the price of a dazzling 100 million POUNDS! And indeed, that would be quite newsworthy, because the most expensive painting ever sold, supposedly, is Jackson Pollock's Nr. 5 at USD 140 million.

The point is: as long as there is no actual sale, that ostensible Da Vinci artwork has a value of, well, 10,000 pounds. That's what it sold for. Anything else is poor speculation, aimed at inflating the price of a painting. An that's exactly the point we are trying to reflect over at Salathé & White. Our paintings are quite possibly the only works of art that you can own and that, at the same time, have a very clear and concrete value - no estimates, no guesses.


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