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First things first

First tank explosion: While cleaning the tanks at work, one of them "exploded" - luckily, Rahel got away with a few cuts on her hands that will heal after a while. It's dangerous to be a marine biologist these days...

First iPhone: I couldn't hold myself back and bought an iPhone. It's not so much the price of the phone that held me back, but the two year AT & T contract that one needs to get the phone. This is an absolutely crazy little machine and will have quite an impact. I love it.

First pull over: This morning, as I was driving to work at 6:30 am (I have to mention this because I still can't believe that I became an early riser), the "check engine" light of my car came up and I had to bring the car over to the mechanic. They gave me a loaner car for the day, but that car's registration has expired, something I only noticed after I was pulled over by the Highway patrol (on the highway, with sirens and blinking flash lights and megaphone and the full show). I was surprised at how friendly and relaxed they were - probably because I'm Hollywood-brainwashed (expecting something like "KEEP YOUR HANDS ON THE M*****F***ING STEERING WHEEL!!!" at gunpoint).

First rain: not yet! But according to some weather forecasts, it could be raining on Saturday (if you trust a 6 day weather forecast). This would be the first rain since we move here 5 months ago. We never thought that rain could be something to blog about, but there you go.


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